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The Formula 4

The Cars
Team Avalanche Racing has 4 of the FORMULA LGB 4 cars with which we compete in the JK Tyre Racing Championship. The team is a ideal sized with 4 drivers ensuring complete attention to each driver to analyze and improve the performance with each passing race.

Car Technical
Tubular Space Frame Chassis (Manufactured in 2012)
Group N Homologation Engine (Esteem MPFI 1300cc)
Equiped with On Board lap timing device

Service & Mechanical Back-up
The team has strong technical team with all the technical aspect being looked after by very experienced racer Mr. Fazal Khan and a racing veterans Mr. Shrikant Shah. The mechanics are well trained and are familiar with the category for many years.

Additional Support
The team also provides support to its drivers to approach and crack sponsorship deals. Team provides extensive exposure to its drivers in media, social media, website and many other coverages. We also help drivers in approaching the sponsors and negotiating a favourable deal.

Racing School
During the off season Team Avalanche conducts training and testing sessions for young upcoming racers. To get more information about the upcoming programme
Karting School
Avalanche Motorsports also conducts Karting School programme to train the budding talent into the nursery level of Motorsports