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Key Issues Covered
1. Track Knowledge
  • Understanding Tracks.
  • Grading of the Corners.
2. About Racing Machine.
  • Type of Engine.
  • Steering.
  • Brakes.
  • Throttle.
3. Racing Lines
  • Deciding Racing Line.
  • Racing line in Quailfying and in Racing
  • Corrections with drive in Saloon Car with the instructor.
4. Cornering
  • Proper Turning through corners,
  • Advanced cornering techniques.
  • Corner to corner corrections.
5. Throttling and Braking
    Advanced throttling & Braking techniques like
  • Staying Maximum on power.
  • Collecting the sliding backend.
  • Late Breaking
  • Braking in the corners & at the corners.
  • Drive with the Instructor.
6. Putting up Fastest lap times.

7. Nose to Tail Racing
  • To maintain consistency & capitalize on the passing opportunities.
8. Race starts and First corner Dash
  • Reactions & Actions.
9. Creating Passing Opportunities
10. Controlled slides & Drifts through the Corners.
Other Important Issues
1. Fitness & Mental approach to Racing.
  • Breathing.
  • Concentration.
  • Fitness exercises & Diet.
2. Class Room
  • Track Safety.
  • Driver’s Safety.
  • Flag Rules
  • Technical Aspects.
3. End of the Course Races
Racing School
During the off season Team Avalanche conducts training and testing sessions for young upcoming racers. To get more information about the upcoming programme
Karting School
Avalanche Motorsports also conducts Karting School programme to train the budding talent into the nursery level of Motorsports